O'Carolans International Irish Pub

A family run international Irish pub

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O’Carolans has a special place for everyone. It’s spacious Dublin pub interior includes a fireplace, library, pool & darts area not to mention the heart of any great Irish pub, the antique bar. Designed and built in Waterford using antique materials, Montpellier hosts a truly authentic Dublin city pub. Being a real Irish pub, O’Carolans takes particular pride in its Guinness,which comes straight from St. James Gate in Dublin. It also has an outstanding selection of premium draft beers and lagers , local artisanal beers 

which are stored and served with the sort of care normally reserved for fine wine using state-of-the art technology. The bar also has a fine collection of whiskies, spirits and cocktails not to mention and the famous O’Carolans Irish coffee!

High definition screens and sound system throughout the pub allow you to watch all the best international sporting events. You can also stay connected for work or pleasure thanks to the high-speed WiFi is available for all customers.

O'Carolans Irish Pub, 5 rue du Petit Scel, 34000 Montpellier, France.

Tel: +33 467 609 818

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